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I Will Sell Your Home!

Selling a home is the largest single transaction most of us will ever make. The selling process can be a very stressful, complex and time consuming event in your life. That's why  time is initially invested to develop a properly planned step-by-step marketing approach tailored specifically for each home. Once this plan is formulated, it is discussed in detail with the homeowner.  In the end, there are no surprises as the homeowner is given a copy of their Personal Marketing Plan.  Being an informed seller is paramount to helping reduce any problems that might othewise occur in the sale of your home. Far too often, this is not the case. 
One of the main objectives is to detemine, through a Comparative Market Analysis, a realistic range of value for your home today.  To accomplish this, we ensure a detailed evaluation and analysis of every part of your home.  We can then determine an asking price that affords you the best opportunity for achieving Top Market Value.  Our work doesn't stop there as we fully investigate the real estate market and compare the subject property with similar properties that have recently sold or are currently for sale to make sure that you receive the highest amount you deserve for your home.  When you understand current market conditions, you are better able to position yourself as a Seller.  It helps to know if you are in a Seller's, Buyer's or Balanced market when setting your asking price.  For example, in a Buyer's market, there is a lot more competition and Buyers have plenty of choices and room to negotiate, forcing you to be very competitive when setting your price.  Of course, the reverse is true for a Sellers market.